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How to Include your Four-Legged friend in your Wedding

2021-10-16 18:27

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How to Include your Four-Legged friend in your Wedding

Many couples have a Four-Legged friend who they consider a member of the family. I personally love cats and dogs, so I’m very supportive of...

How to include your Four-Legged Friend in Your Wedding

Many couples have a four-legged friend who they consider a member of the family. Personally, I love cats and dogs, so I am very much in favour of them attending the wedding, as long as their nature is respected and they are put at ease. 
There are well-equipped locations to accommodate dogs, cats in my opinion are more difficult to handle because most of them are not used to leash . The dog sitter usually takes care of the dog for the whole day of the wedding , being a dog educator knows very well how to entertain him and then make the newlyweds feel comfortable !
Your dog could play a leading role if you choose to be accompanied to the altar to the delight of photographers and videomakers who will make a truly original photo shoot , including them on the wedding day will be a success and a beautiful memory ! 


More and more common the tendency to make the dog perform the task of paggetto and bring the wedding rings to the newlyweds. Ah I forgot ! Even your friend must be dressed up to the point , as the guests , without exaggerating, can wear a bow tie or a Crown of flowers . Guests will be surprised, and you doubly happy to have your best friend with you on a memorable day. You will see the scene stolen. 
To make your love for animals understood, you can dedicate part of your wedding list to an association for the protection of animals or a kennel. Your friend will be the protagonist until the last . Word of your trusted Wedding planner.