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Relying on a professional Wedding Planner means getting safety, gaining more serenity and having the certainty of a great result

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You can count on me



Your marriage deserves to be entrusted in the hands of a professional to have the confidence of a successful outcome. Relying on a wedding planner means getting safety, serenity and certainty. Security, because every unforeseen has a solution. Peace of mind, because every aspect will be taken care of. Certainty, because your wedding will be perfect!




While dreaming about your wedding, I will take care of all the details and the logistics, to make your dream come true

My job, besides creating and realizing your wedding, is to solve all the problems that can arise during the management and coordination of suppliers in the months before the big day, but also on the Wedding day.







Unlike other wedding planners who have to rely on external suppliers for the fittings, I have the advantage of being the same outfitter, always ready to solve problems that go beyond the work of the planner, thanks to my good dexterity and adaptability.

In addition they are also calligraphy, I can customize any graphic part at any time, even on the very day of the wedding.

Another pride of mine are the confetti, the sweet finish of your most beautiful day, majestic and cared for in the smallest detail, with quality products and exclusive thanks to my production line.




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